Matthew Melton                                       Doris Melton

Dream Machine is a band founded by Matthew and Doris Melton. On June 23rd 2017 they were dropped from Castle Face Records for expressing opinions in a "controversial" interview where they critiqued society and commented on USA immigration policy. The record label ultra-sensationalized the announcement to drop the band in an attempt to virtue signal and score brownie points with their customer base.  The label alleged that they had been unaware of the contents of the interview despite linking to it themselves a month prior to public disapproval expressed in comments on Facebook. The band responded to the label's decision by stating that "This will not hold us back and we will continue to make music and want to thank all the people that are standing up for us". They also revealed that they were dropped without being given an opportunity to explain or defend the interview and that the label refused to post the band's response despite the request for one in the label's press release. The exaggerated announcement provoked an easily offended group of people to perceive the situation as worse than it actually was. Quotes were taken out of context and important facts were ignored including the fact that Doris was currently in the process of obtaining a green card through a legal immigration process, and the fact that the interview was transcribed by a french magazine which could have possibly altered the tone of the interview. The controversy surrounding the incident sparked a debate to discuss free speech, the absurdity of political correctness, group think mentality, and identity politics.

Dream Machine is currently in the studio completing their second album set for release Fall 2017,and is currently booking an European tour set for Winter / Spring 2018.